Thursday, 15 December 2011

Holiday Time

During this mid year school holidays, i will start ready and plan for my next year scedule of my school work. For the first and second week of the school holidays, i will back to school to do some school work. After that i will start ready for my next year workship for my lovely student. I also will start ready for my UPSI exam that coming soon on January. I hope my students that need to sit on the UPSR exam on 2012 will score well.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Work Hard

Nowadays school holiday is coming soon but i feel so tension and stress of my university assignment. Sometimes i  really feel wan cry at the moment when i am alone and i met a lot of problem while i was doing my assignment but i will try my best to do well at all my assignment.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Penjodoh Bilangan

Penjodoh bilangan ialah perkataan atau morfem dalam sesetengah bahasa untuk mengelaskan atau membilang kata nama mengikut maksudnya.

Definisi dan contoh

Dalam sesuatu bahasa yang ada penjodoh bilangan, sesuatu kata nama boleh disertakan penjodoh bilangan, yang menunjukkan pengelasan konsepsi rujukan sesuatu kata nama dan sering digunakan dalam pembilangan. Sesuatu bahasa boleh memiliki beratus-ratus penjodoh bilangan. Contohnya, dalam bahasa Melayu, penjodoh bilangan untuk orang ialah orang, dan digunakan untuk mengira bilangan orang, tanpa mengira apa peranan mereka:
tiga orang pelajar
tiga orang guru
  • Di bawah merupakan rakaman video yang berkenaan dengan penjodoh bilangan


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stress At My Student Result

I really felt so stress on my teaching nowadays. So worry fof my student result. So scare they cannot score well at UPSR.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

1st time create blog..

Today is my 1st time create blog.
It is difficult for me to do it...
Please support me...

ColourFuL Life

" Happy " is one of the objective in my life..My life is just like a colourful always full of happiness in my teaching life when i start teaching after i graduated since 2005. In my teaching life, i always meet different challenges.I trust myself will do my best although meet a tough or ardous work in the future . I will have a wonderful day or time for my lifetime..